200 Ton Mechanical Press: Meet Tight Production Schedules

The 200 Ton Mechanical Press is a powerful and versatile piece of machinery designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Manufactured by Guangduan, this press has been engineered to deliver efficient and precise performance for a wide range of production needs.

For example, automotive manufacturers can use this press to produce parts for cars such as engine components, body parts, and suspension systems. The press can handle a variety of materials and sizes, allowing manufacturers to create customized parts that meet specific design requirements. This helps to reduce production time and costs while ensuring high-quality parts that meet the needs of customers.

200 Ton Mechanical Press: Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine JH21-200

The JH21-200 mechanical power press machine by GUANGDUAN is a powerful tool for metalworking that offers high precision, low noise, and excellent safety features. The machine operates by using a combination of pneumatic wet friction disc clutch and brake, which ensures a long service life and reduces noise levels. The gear pair and sliding pair are heat-treated, quenched, and precise ground, ensuring smooth transmission and high precision. The JH21-200 model has a nominal capacity of 2000kN and a maximum die height of 470mm.

The JH21-200 mechanical power press machine is designed for use in metalworking businesses that need high precision, safety, and efficiency. Metalworking businesses face several challenges: ensuring high-quality metalworking while maintaining worker safety, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. The JH21-200 mechanical power press machine is designed to solve these problems by offering a reliable and efficient metalworking solution.

One of the primary needs of the target audience is to increase productivity while maintaining worker safety. The JH21-200 mechanical power press machine addresses this need by providing a PLC control mode, which can be integrated with an automatic feeding device to form a single-machine or multi-machine automatic stamping production line with high efficiency. The machine also comes with hydraulic overload protection, an automatic lubrication system, and motor adjustment control height to ensure safe and efficient operation.

200 Ton Mechanical Press: Open Back Double Point Press JH25-200

The JH25-200 Open Back Double Point Press is a high-quality mechanical press designed and manufactured by Guangduan. With a nominal capacity of 2000 kN and a range of advanced features, this press is ideal for a wide range of stamping and punching applications.

This product is designed for manufacturers and businesses that require a reliable and efficient mechanical press for their production processes. This may include industries such as automotive manufacturing, metalworking, and electronics production.

The manufacturer’s and businesses’ problems may include inefficient and unreliable production processes, resulting in reduced productivity and increased costs. They may also struggle with inconsistent quality control and safety concerns related to the use of outdated or inefficient machinery.

The JH25-200 Open Back Double Point Press is designed to solve these problems by providing a stable and reliable machine with advanced features that improve precision, safety, and productivity. For example, the precision die adjustment feature, which can achieve a precision of 0.1mm, allows for consistent and accurate stamping and punching. The hydraulic overload protective device also ensures a high level of safety for operators.

200 Ton Mechanical Press: Open Back Power Press GPA-200

The GPA-200 is a powerful open-back mechanical press manufactured by Guangduan. It is part of the GPA series of power presses and has a nominal capacity of 2000 kN. The machine is designed with high rigidity press frame and high-quality steel plate welding for durability and stability during operation. The transmission center of the machine is the same as the machining center, ensuring accuracy and stability in its performance.

This mechanical press is equipped with a hydraulic overload protective device for high sensitivity and safety during operation. The gear pair and sliding pair are smooth, high-precision, and low noise after quenching and precision grinding. It also features a symmetrical balancer design to ensure smooth operation. The machine has a die height adjustment accuracy of up to 0.1m, making it safe, convenient, and reliable to adjust.

One of the problems faced by manufacturers is the need for high-capacity mechanical presses that are durable, stable, and reliable during operation. The GPA-200 mechanical press addresses this problem by providing a high-capacity mechanical press that is designed with high rigidity and high-quality steel plate welding, ensuring durability and stability during operation. The hydraulic overload protective device also adds to the safety of the machine, reducing the risk of accidents during pressing operations.

Enhance Your Construction Projects with the 200 Ton Mechanical Press

Construction projects are notorious for being complex, time-consuming, and often requiring heavy machinery. This is where the 200-ton mechanical press from GUANGDUAN comes in, providing construction workers with a reliable and efficient tool to enhance their construction projects.

Firstly, let’s talk about the 200-ton mechanical press and what it is. This mechanical press is designed to apply pressure to objects and materials to shape, form, and cut them. The press’s 200-ton capacity makes it powerful enough to handle a wide range of materials. This press is easy to operate, safe, and can be used in a variety of construction projects.

Now let’s discuss who will benefit the most from this product. This mechanical press is ideal for construction workers, engineers, and architects who work with heavy materials and need to apply pressure to shape or cut them. These professionals face a common problem: they need to complete their construction projects efficiently and effectively while ensuring that the materials they use are of high quality and meet industry standards.

The 200-ton mechanical press can solve this problem by providing a reliable and efficient tool for shaping and cutting materials. The press’s high capacity ensures that it can handle even the most demanding construction projects, while its easy-to-use design makes it accessible to professionals with varying levels of experience.


200 Ton Mechanical Press is a powerful and reliable tool that can benefit various industries and manufacturers. Its precision, versatility, and efficiency make it an ideal solution for those looking to optimize their production processes and deliver high-quality products with consistency. With Guangduan’s reputation for quality and innovation, customers can trust that this press will deliver the performance they need to meet their production goals.




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