What You Know About Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine?

How Does an Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine Work?

Automatic hydraulic press machines rely on the flow of high-pressure oil through cylinders, which exerts pressure on the tooling. This pressure causes the tooling to move along with the material being cut. Automatic hydraulic press machines such as Y28 Series Four-Column Double Action Hydraulic Press use four columns, two columns on each side of your material to apply pressure to it while it is being cut. Since there are four columns, these machines can be used for deep drawing operations, forming operations, aligning operations, bending operations, and folding operations.

The hydraulic system consists of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, and other components. When the automatic hydraulic pressurize through the pump to drive the hydraulic motor to rotate at a high speed, it can convert mechanical energy into pressure energy through its shaft. Then the pressure energy is transmitted to the ram head through the rods of different lengths according to different pressing requirements.

Finally, it will be transferred to the workpiece through the ram head and punch cylinder as well as the punch cylinder rod which is called the double action mechanism. The piston stroke will vary with different types of dies according to their own requirements such as pocket type die or panel type die etc.

Advantages of an Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine

An automatic hydraulic press is a type of machine press that is used for applying force to an object using a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic system contains two types of valves, one for pressure and the other for delivery.

When the delivery valve is opened, oil flows into the cylinder and pushes against the piston rod which applies pressure on the object being pressed. The pressure created by a hydraulic press can be controlled by adjusting the amount of oil flowing through it.


Automatic hydraulic press machines can work at very high speeds. This means that they can produce more items in less time than other types of presses.


The precision of an automatic hydraulic press machine also makes it ideal for manufacturing high-quality products. It is possible to get very close tolerances on different parts because the machine will not be affected by human error or fatigue during production.

Cost Effective

If you need many parts produced quickly and cheaply, then an automatic hydraulic press machine will be the best option for you. They can produce large numbers of parts in a short period of time without any additional costs involved.


Automatic press machines are also safer than manual ones because they do not require any manual handling by operators or workers during production.

This means that there is less risk of injury when using these presses compared to other types available on the market today like hand-operated ones which require manual handling during production which increases the risk of injury to workers.

What is the Cost of an Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine?

The cost of an automatic hydraulic press machine varies depending on the model and features. However, average prices are between $5,000 and $10,000. For example, a typical model might cost around $7,000. This price range includes a single ram and a maximum pressure of 10 tons.

While it’s possible to purchase used presses for much less than this, most manufacturers recommend buying new equipment for several reasons:

New parts are easier to find if something breaks down or needs replacement in the future, so repairs will be easier to make as well.

Used machines may be worn out from previous use or damaged from shipping or storage conditions. If you’re buying a used machine without seeing it firsthand, then buying a new one is safer because you can inspect the condition firsthand before making your purchase.

You may have more options when choosing new equipment than when buying used equipment — especially if there are different brands or models available at your local store or online retailer. The cost of an automatic hydraulic press machine depends on several factors, including:


Smaller presses tend to be less expensive than larger ones. However, small presses will only be able to handle smaller parts. If you need to work with large parts or multiple parts at once, you should consider getting a larger press.


Hydraulic presses come in many different configurations and types; some are stationary while others can move around on wheels or tracks. Stationary presses are often cheaper than mobile ones because they require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts that can break down over time. Mobile presses may be more expensive but they also have more functionality than stationary units since they can be moved from one place to another easily as needed.


Units with manual controls tend to be less expensive than those with automated controls because it requires less effort and skill from your workers during operation.

However, automatic controls are usually more efficient and can help you improve productivity and efficiency. If you have employees who are not trained for operating a hydraulic press machine, then it may be better to invest in an automatic unit instead.

What Are the Types of Automatic Hydraulic Press Machines?

Automatic hydraulic press machines are used to compress materials into different shapes. They use a combination of mechanical and hydraulic power to work. They are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and other industries that require compressing materials. The most common types of automatic hydraulic presses include:

  • Hydraulic press brakes: These machines use hydraulic pressure to compress objects into different shapes.
  • Hydraulic stackers: These machines are used to lift, stack, and transport large objects like steel bars and plates.
  • Hydraulic roll forming machines: This type of machine uses mechanical pressure to form metal sheets into various shapes such as tubes and channels.

How to Buy some Automatic Hydraulic Press Machines?

automatic hydraulic press machine

Nowadays, the need for hydraulic presses is growing day by day, you can use them in a wide range of applications and industries. If you are planning to buy some for your project, then you should know what you should look at while buying them. Here are some things that you need to consider before buying some automatic hydraulic press machines:

1. Consider the size of your project:

The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the project that you are going to do with the machine. If you have a small project, then there is no need to buy a big machine, but if you have a large project, then it’s better to go for a big machine than go for a smaller one.

2. Consider the type of materials being used:

The next thing that needs to be considered is the type of material being used in your project. Different types of material require different types of pressure and working pressure from machines as well as other factors such as speed and temperature control etcetera. So if you want to do something with some specific material and want it done perfectly, then it’s better to go for an automatic hydraulic press machine that has all those features in them so that nothing goes wrong during any stage.

If you really don’t know how to purchase the automatic hydraulic press for your projects, it’s a good choice to find Guangduan help.

In the past, it was very difficult to buy automatic hydraulic press machines from local factories. The price was too high and the quality was poor, even if you found one, you would find it difficult to get spare parts in case of damage.

Nowadays, things have changed completely, you can find many high-quality and low-price automatic hydraulic press machines from Guangduan Machinery Co., Ltd. Our company has been producing hydraulic press machines for over 60 years, and now we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and selling them. We are also known as one of the most professional hydraulic press machine manufacturers in China.

Our factory offers customers various kinds of products including metal plate bending machines, metal plate cutting machines, cold bending machines, hot bending machines and so on. Each product has its own characteristics so they are suitable for different applications such as metal plate processing, stamping parts production, or auto parts processing.


Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to choose the right hydraulic press machine for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact the Guangduan sales department if you have any questions or concerns.

Going by the reports of the market, automatic hydraulic press machines like the Y28 Series Four-Column Double Action Hydraulic Press were being used for various industrial applications. The machine is appreciated for its simple operation and its low maintenance. It has also been designed with the purpose to achieve the highest output.




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