Forging Machinery Company: One-Shop Service for You

Guangduan is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic, mechanical, and forging press machines. Founded in 1958, the company has over 60 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technology in metal stamping, making it the largest forging and press machine manufacturer in Southern China.

Guangduan integrates R&D, manufacturing, and service to provide metal stamping solutions to customer satisfaction. With a large quantity of advanced processing and inspection equipment and a principle of serving customers wholeheartedly, the company keeps forging ahead toward providing the best products and services.

The forging press is perfect for manufacturers that require extreme demand for effective productivity in cold, warm, and hot forging processes. Its unique Integral box structure and application in various industries, such as automobiles, daily used hardware, instruments, and gas appliances, make it a versatile solution for manufacturers.

Forging Machinery Company: Other Products for Your Needs

The hydraulic press is ideal for manufacturers that require precision and power in their metalworking processes. Its high-quality steel welded box structure provides rigidity and reliability, ensuring the machine’s precision and stability.

The mechanical press is designed for manufacturers that require high rigidity in their metalworking processes. Its superior-quality steel plates welding process and annealing process eliminate internal stress, improving the machine’s stability and reliability.

Guangduan’s high-speed press is a great solution for manufacturers that require precision, high stability, and the ability to withstand shock in their metalworking processes. Its high-tension cast iron and internal stress relief provide the necessary strength and stability required in high-speed metalworking processes.

Meet the Masters of Metal: Forging Machinery Company’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Guangduan, a leading manufacturer of forging machinery, is taking the metalworking industry by storm with its advanced forge press technology. Forging is a process that compresses and shapes metals by applying gradual, controlled pressure, and Guangduan’s hydraulic forging presses are designed to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Guangduan’s forge presses are designed to help metalworking companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. These companies face a variety of challenges in their operations, such as reducing manufacturing costs, increasing productivity, and improving quality while meeting tight production deadlines.

To solve these challenges, Guangduan’s forge presses offer a range of advantages that make them an ideal solution for metalworking companies. Here are some specific problems that Guangduan’s forge presses can help solve:

1. High Material Costs: Raw materials are a significant expense for metalworking companies, and reducing these costs is essential for improving profitability. Guangduan’s forge presses can reduce material waste by up to 80%, making them a cost-effective solution for metalworking companies.

2. Production Delays: Production delays can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Metalworking companies need to meet tight production deadlines. Wide-end forging presses are highly productive, with up to 40 or 50 working strokes per minute. It enables metal processing enterprises to complete parts in one extrusion.

3. Quality Control: Quality is critical in the metalworking industry, and ensuring consistent quality is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction. Guangduan’s forge presses offer reduced metallurgical defects, such as porosity and alloy segregation, resulting in high-quality finished products.

4. Machining Time: Machining time is a significant expense for metalworking companies, and reducing machining time can lead to cost savings. Guangduan’s forge presses can be machined after forging without losing dimensional accuracy or quality, resulting in reduced machining time.

Forging Machinery Company: Revolutionizing Industrial Manufacturing

Guangduan Forging Machinery Company is a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery, and their GK-630 Series Knuckle Joint Press is a prime example of their innovative and high-quality products. This press is designed for various precision stamping and extrusion processes. Controlled by PLC, providing precision and aesthetics. The target audience for this product includes manufacturers and industries that rely on stamping and extrusion processes in their production. Examples include the automotive, construction and aerospace industries.

One of the major issues faced by manufacturers in these industries is the need for high precision and accuracy in their production processes. Any errors or deviations may result in malfunction or poor quality of the product. This can lead to costly delays, repairs and even safety hazards. The GK-630 series elbow press solves these problems by providing high precision and 0.01mm precision display value. This ensures that every product produced meets the required specifications and standards, reducing the risk of errors and costly repairs.

Another problem that manufacturers in these industries face is the need for speed and efficiency in their production processes. The crank toggle mechanism of the GK-630 Series Knuckle Joint Press allows the slide to dwell at the bottom dead center for around 1/18 cycle, making the press efficient and fast. This means that manufacturers can produce more products in less time, increasing their productivity and profitability.

In addition to its efficiency and precision, the GK-630 Series Knuckle Joint Press also comes with a mechanical lower ejector device as part of its standard configurations. This device facilitates the easy removal of finished products from the press, reducing the time and effort required for this process.

Forging Ahead with Quality: How Forging Machinery Company Delivers Top-Notch Products

Guangduan’s forging presses are built for the most intensive applications in metal forming. Combines joint drive and linkage drive to consistently achieve the perfect press production stroke for demanding jobs. With a wide range of forging presses for mass production of nuts, bolts, rivets, screws, brake levers, bearing races, valves and many other parts. Wide range of forging presses have the following advantages:

1. Strength-to-weight ratio: The grain structure of the workpiece is compressed during the hydraulic forging process. This increases the strength of the workpiece and reduces stress on corners and fillets.

2. Reduced Defects: Metallurgical defects, such as porosity and alloy segregation, are reduced during forging, resulting in a positive response to heat treatment and reduced time for machining the completed piece.

3. Post-Forging Treatments: Pieces can be machined after forging without a loss of dimensional accuracy or quality, with tolerances within 0.01 to 0.02 inches.

4. Cost Savings: Raw material usage, reduced machining time, and reclamation of die material are all cost-saving factors for forging.

Guangduan’s cutting-edge forging technology has a series of advantages. Making it the ideal solution for metalworking companies of all sizes. With reduced material waste, increased productivity, improved quality and cost savings. Guangduan’s forging presses are bound to have a major impact on the metalworking industry.


Overall, Guangduan’s products are ideal for companies that require heavy-duty equipment to improve their metalworking processes’ productivity, quality, and efficiency. With more than 800 experienced employees, advanced processing and testing equipment. Based on the principle of serving customers wholeheartedly, Guangduan is a reliable and trustworthy partner of global metal processing enterprises.




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