Large Hydraulic Press for Sale: Guangduan YH28-1200

Large Hydraulic Press for Sale: Guangduan YH28-1200

The Guangduan YH28-1200 hydraulic press is a press with a 12,000 nominal capacity. It is suitable for large-scale mechanical processing and can be used in the manufacture of large parts such as shipbuilding, pressure vessels, and so on. The Main Cylinder Working Speed of the machine is 8/15 mm/s, the operation is simple, safe, and reliable.

The machine uses high-strength cast iron as the main component of the frame, which ensures that it has high rigidity and stability. The material also has excellent impact-absorbing characteristics. Therefore, it will not deform when working under heavy loads.

The Guangduan YH28-1200 Hydraulic Press has a large output force, low failure rate, and long service life. The structure is simple and convenient to operate and maintain, so it is widely used in various industries, such as power plants, mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction materials, and other industries.

The main function of the hydraulic press is to use the energy generated by the compressed air to press objects. The pressure exerted by the hydraulic press is directly proportional to the amount of compressed air used. Thus, if you want to increase the pressure of your hydraulic press machine, you can increase its compressed air supply (more compressed air).

Large Hydraulic Press for Sale: Working Principle

A Guangduan YH28-1200 large hydraulic press for sale is a kind of mechanical equipment for compressing and pressing. It mainly consists of a frame, a ram, and a hydraulic system. The frame usually has four legs, which can be fixed on the ground or set on a solid foundation. The upper part of the frame is equipped with two steel plates, whose ends are connected with bolts and nuts.

Between them, there are two sliding bearings so that they can move freely along the rails. The ram is placed on top of these two plates and connected with them through the steel rod. The ram can be lifted up or down according to the needs of work by means of the hydraulic system installed inside the press machine.

A hydraulic press machine consists of two major components: a ram and a cylinder. The ram is connected to the piston rod which acts as a lever arm and is connected to the load or die block by means of a screw jack. The hydraulic oil flows through the ram and into the cylinder where it exerts pressure on the die block via frictionless pistons that slide within their cylinders.

large hydraulic press for sale

Large Hydraulic Press for Sale: Advanced Technology

Hydraulic presses are used in a wide range of industries, from automotive to manufacturing and construction. These machines offer a fast and efficient way to create pressure for pressing, bending, and forming applications. The presses are available in both small and large sizes, with the latter being ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The large hydraulic press for sale is a high-tech product with advanced technology. It can be used for a variety of processing applications, such as precision machining, stamping and pressing, cold forging, and so on. The machine adopts the advanced CNC control system and the high precision servo motor system to realize accurate positioning, high speed, and high efficiency.

This machine uses a large number of imported components to ensure high quality and stable performance. It has a high degree of automation, can be operated safely, has fast operation speed, and has low energy consumption. The key parts are made of wear-resistant materials such as steel alloy, which can prolong the service life of the machine. With its excellent performance characteristics and wide application range, the large hydraulic press for sale enjoys great popularity among customers at home and abroad.

Large Hydraulic Press for Sale: How to Buy?

Hydraulic presses are used to increase the force of a mechanical system, and they’re designed to withstand heavy loads. These presses can be outfitted with different types of platens that allow you to produce a variety of materials including metal. Hydraulic presses are commonly used in manufacturing plants and machine shops, but they’re also found in garages and home workshops.

When you buy a hydraulic press, it’s important to consider the size of your project and how much weight your new press can handle. If you’re working on small projects, such as making jewelry or model cars, then you’ll want something smaller. However, if you plan on manufacturing large pieces of furniture or automotive parts, then you’ll need a larger machine that can handle those types of projects.

Another factor to consider when buying a hydraulic press is its capacity for pressure. A higher capacity means that the machine can exert more force over time without any safety concerns for users or bystanders nearby. But this also means that it will cost more money than other models with lower capacities — so make sure that your needs align with what’s available within your budget before making a purchase decision.

Large Guangduan YH28-1200 Hydraulic Press For Sale

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that makes the pressing force more stable and reliable. The pressure can be adjusted by handwheel. Its structure is compact, and easy to operate and maintain. The whole machine is made of high-quality steel plate, which is durable for long-time use.

The hydraulic press can be used for all kinds of stamping, punching, bending and other processes, such as automobile parts stamping and pressing, metal stamping, electrical components pressing, home, etc. It can work continuously for a long time because it has an automatic lubrication system that eliminates the need for manual lubrication during operation it saves labor costs.

It also reduces maintenance costs significantly compared with traditional manual presses or power presses with manual lubrication systems (this feature is especially important in certain industries such as automotive parts manufacturing). Please no hesitate to check the Guangduan YH28-1200 Hydraulic Press for Sale website, there is something interesting waiting for you.




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