Mechanical Power Press: Innovations in Metalworking Efficiency and Precision

The JH21 Series Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine is revolutionizing the metalworking industry with its advanced features and capabilities. Designed for cutting, stamping, forming, and assembling metal or other materials, the JH21 Series offers a range of benefits that enhance efficiency and precision in various manufacturing applications. In this blog, we will explore the innovative features of the JH21 Series and how it contributes to a more streamlined and accurate metalworking process.

GuangDuan Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine JH21 Series is a kind of mechanical machine that is widely used in the metalworking industry. It is one kind of ideal equipment for stamping, blanking, bending, cutting, and other metal-forming operations. GuangDuan Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine JH21 Series has been widely applied in automobile, shipbuilding, construction machinery, home appliance, and other industries.

Pneumatic Wet Friction Disc Clutch and Brake: Long Service Life, Low Noise, and High Safety

The JH21 Series utilizes a combination of a pneumatic wet friction disc clutch and brake, which provides several advantages, including long service life, low noise, and high safety. This innovative feature ensures smooth and reliable operation, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs while ensuring a safe working environment for operators.

Benefits of Pneumatic Wet Friction Disc Clutch and Brake:

Long Service Life – The combination of a pneumatic wet friction disc clutch and brake provides greater longevity than hydraulic disc clutches due to oil evaporation. Because the discs are exposed to air instead of oil, they do not become overly dry or brittle over time. The result is increased longevity with fewer replacements required over time.

Low Noise – The JH21 Series features a unique design that eliminates the need for hydraulic fluid lines running through the machine frame to reduce overall weight and improve noise levels compared to hydraulic power presses. This reduces vibrations inside the machine frame as well as outside in your shop environment (less noise means fewer distractions).

High Safety – The pneumatic wet friction disc clutch and brake system offers superior safety features compared to hydraulic systems by eliminating hazardous liquids such as hydraulic fluid and brake fluid. This eliminates the risk of leaks and spills, which can cause damage to equipment and pose a risk to workers.

Heat-Treated, Quenched, and Precision Ground Components: Smooth Transmission and High Precision

Both the gear pair and sliding pair in the JH21 Series are heat-treated, quenched, and precise ground, resulting in smooth transmission and high precision during operation. These meticulously crafted components contribute to the machine’s overall performance, ensuring accurate and consistent results in every metalworking application.

The precision ground gears in the JH21 Series are made of high-quality steel with a chrome-plated surface. The gear teeth are precisely machined to ensure accurate meshing with other components for smooth transmission. This ensures that the machine will consistently produce accurate results each time you use it without any need for re-calibrating or fine-tuning.

The precision ground sliding pairs used in this series consist of hardened steel bushings coated with an anti-rust phosphating compound. This coating prevents rusting and corrosion while also providing smooth translation between moving parts within the machine’s structure.

A variety of options are available for configuring your machine depending on your application requirements including:

Ball Screw Drive System—Designed for applications requiring high positioning accuracy over a wide range of speeds

Linear Motor Drive System—Designed for applications requiring high acceleration and deceleration speeds

Servo Motor Drive System—Designed for applications where linear motion is required but speed isn’t critical.

PLC Control Mode and Automatic Feeding Device: High-Efficiency Production

The JH21 Series mechanical power press machine adopts a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control mode, allowing for seamless integration with automatic feeding devices. This capability enables the formation of a single-machine or multi-machine automatic stamping production line, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

mechanical power press

The gears have been precision-machined for optimal accuracy during operation. The teeth of each gear have been precisely cut out of a solid block of steel, giving it a better surface finish compared to stamped gears which are rougher due to their manufacturing process. This ensures that your machine will perform at its highest potential so you can achieve results that are consistent from start to finish.

The steel used for these gears has been carefully selected based on its strength and hardness levels so that it can withstand high-pressure loads without bending or breaking under stress. This ensures that your machine will operate smoothly at all times without getting stuck or bogged down.

Standard Configuration and Customizable Features

The JH21 Series comes standard with a range of features designed to enhance safety and performance, including two-hand button operation, wet friction disc clutch brake, hydraulic overload protection, adjusting motor, automatic lubrication system (for models above 1100KN), and motor adjustment control height (for models above 630KN).

Additionally, the JH21 Series offers customization options to meet specific production requirements. Users can choose to install photoelectric protectors, constant speed motors, air cushions, output shafts, or mold protection devices, tailoring the machine to their unique manufacturing needs.

JH21 Series is a machine that offers both standard configuration and customizable features. The standard configuration is designed to provide excellent safety and performance, while the customizable features offer flexibility to meet specific manufacturing requirements. With its range of features and customizable options, the JH21 Series is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable machine.


The Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine JH21 Series is setting new standards in metalworking efficiency and precision with its innovative features and customizable options. By incorporating advanced technologies such as pneumatic wet friction disc clutches and brakes, heat-treated components, and PLC control, the JH21 Series offers manufacturers a reliable and high-performance solution for various metalworking applications. If you’re looking to enhance your metalworking processes and achieve superior results, consider investing in the cutting-edge JH21 Series Open Back Mechanical Power Press Machine.




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