New Large Crane Equipments For Guangduan’s Large Precision

As professional hydraulic press manufacturer, Here we show our gratitude to our customers for buying GuangDuan products. Our orders for large precision presses are constantly increasing. Including 8000KN, 10000KN, 12500KN, 16000KN large closed type double point / four-point precision presses, as well as 10000KN, 12500KN, 16000KN, 25000KN, 30000KN toggle-type precision presses and hot die forging precision presses. Nearly 20 sets have been delivered to customers this year, and another 6 sets will be delivered before the end of this year. Our equipment is running efficiently to ensure that the production schedule is completed on time and with quality.

After the large precision horizontal boring and milling center (maximum processing size 4*12m) put into production last year. This year, we have invested in heavy lifting equipment (lifting capacity of 250 tons) to strengthen the efficiency of large equipment processing and assembly to meet the increasing demand for large high speed press machines‘ orders.

Our company has more than 60 years, we have been steadily moving. Customers’ satisfaction and recognition is our greatest motivation to move forward. Once again, thank you for the support and trust.




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