Power Press Machines In Metal Processing Application

The main purpose of power press machines is to reform sheet metal by applying a compressive force to it. Its main components include a ram, clutch, flywheel, and crankshaft. The work piece is placed on the bed and the ram moves to start the operation. Power presses are widely used in industrial establishments and factories. Every engineering student will be familiar with this machine. Our power press is also an essential part of the workshop of any technical institute for students’ learning.

Guangduan’s power press machines for sale currently are capable of ramming and hammering operations. They have a bolster, a ram, and two die halves. The workpiece is placed on the bottom half of a die on the bed, and the bolster engages the ram and the bed. This creates one single die, resulting in the completed product. The bolster, which is the moving part, holds the workpiece securely while the swivel platen and the bolster remain fixed in position.

power press machine

In other words, Any machanical power press should also come with safety provisions to protect its operator from harm. A machine should automatically shut down if it is in danger of a malfunction or becomes unsafe. When using a power-press, you should always follow safety regulations and do not ignore the safety measures of the machine. If you are concerned about your workers’ well-being, you should consider purchasing a power press that is highly automated with automatic ejection systems.


That is, from our professional view that power press is very useful in factories that manufacture electronic appliances. The design of these machines makes them very efficient, as they don’t require the workpiece to be arranged manually. Moreover, they save labor and time as the workpiece can be fed through the dies without being distorted. If this process is automated, the parts are automatically ejected and the machine can be shut down at any time. The operation of a power press is highly beneficial in the manufacturing process, as it ensures a smooth and hassle-free workflow.




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