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Guangduan Hydraulic Press Systems in China

With the rapid development of the world economy, a large number of enterprises have emerged, and the production of various products has been developed. At present, Guangdong province has become one of the major industrial bases in China. In order to meet the needs of enterprises in Guangdong province, Guangduan hydraulic press systems have developed rapidly in recent years. Guangduan Hydraulic Press Systems specializes in manufacturing hydraulic press systems in China with a wide range of applications such as automotive components, electrical appliances, household appliances, hardware fittings, etc.

Guangduan products include hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, high-speed presses, forging presses, etc. Guangduan hydraulic press systems are used for a wide range of applications, including the manufacturing of everything from cars to computer chips. Hydraulic presses exert force by squeezing a workpiece between two pistons, one of which is stationary while the other moves up or down in response to hydraulic pressure. This allows the hydraulic press to exert enormous forces on workpieces without requiring any mechanical effort.

Guangduan Hydraulic Press Systems are used for heavy-duty applications and are ideal for making grooves, profiles, and holes in sheet metal. A hydraulic press system consists of a base, a ram. The ram or the upper die is made up of a steel plate, which is attached to a piston rod. Hydraulic Press Systems can be divided into two main categories: single-stage and double-stage units. A single-stage unit has one ram and one anvil while a double-stage unit has two rams and two anvils in order to increase the power of each stroke by splitting it into two equal strokes instead of one single stroke at once.

Types of Guangduan Hydraulic Press Systems

1. Hydraulic Press Systems

Hydraulic presses are used to pressurize a chamber in which parts are placed. The pressure exerted by the hydraulic press is determined by the amount of force applied to the piston at the bottom of the chamber. Hydraulic presses can be divided into four types: hydraulic ram, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power pack, and mechanical power pack.

2. Hydraulic Ram System

The hydraulic ram system consists of a piston attached to a rod that is driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. The piston moves up and down inside a cylinder filled with oil. This movement creates pressure inside the cylinder that is transferred to the parts being pressed. This type of system is typically used for smaller-scale applications such as automotive repair shops or small manufacturing facilities where there may not be enough space for other types of systems.

3. Double-Acting Hydraulic Presses

The double-acting hydraulic press has 2 cylinders that work together to apply pressure on the workpiece from both directions. The first cylinder applies pressure on one side of the ram while the second cylinder applies pressure from another side. This type of machine can be used for both compression and tension applications.

4. Mechanical Hydraulic Press Systems

Mechanical hydraulic systems use a rack-and-pinion mechanism to transmit power from a motor to the ram of a hydraulic press. The advantage of this type of press is that it can be driven by any motor with sufficient capacity. Disadvantages include increased maintenance costs due to wear on parts and possible failures in the rack-and-pinion mechanism. The pressure range of these presses is limited by the strength of the material used for making the rack and pinion mechanism.

What Makes Guangduan Hydraulic Press System The Best Of Its Kind?

The guangduan hydraulic press system is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure to generate a force. The press can be used as a tool for shaping and forming materials. For example, in the fabrication of automobile parts, presses are used to bend sheet metal into body panels.

In another example, presses are used to form the head of a bolt or nut from sheet metal. Hydraulic cylinders are typically used to provide the force for this purpose. The mechanism by which the cylinder produces force is called a ram. The ram may operate on the principle of hydraulics or pneumatics, or sometimes even on the principle of gravity.

GuangDuan is a professional hydraulic press system manufacturer and supplier in China, we have more than 64 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic presses, pressure vessels, and other related equipment.

guangduan hydraulic press systems

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a hydraulic press is high quality and reliability. At GuangDuan, we strive to meet these expectations by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, which is why we guarantee the quality of each product we manufacture. In addition, we offer free technical support and training services to ensure that your staff can effectively operate our machines and produce high-quality products.

Guangduan offers a full range of hydraulic press systems for all industries including the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Our presses are designed for different applications such as stamping parts or bending sheet metal parts. Each machine is customized according to your needs so that it meets your production requirements perfectly.

Why you should choose Guangduan Hydraulic Press Machine?

1. High-Quality Hydraulic Press Frame

The frame of a hydraulic press machine plays an important role in ensuring its durability and overall performance. An unstable frame can easily break down after just a few months or even weeks of use which will result in heavy financial loss for you as well as your business partner who trusted you with their valuable equipment. The Guangduan Hydraulic Press System has a heavy-duty steel frame that can withstand any kind of pressure applied to it while still being able to produce quality results consistently over time without breaking down easily as other brands do.

2. Hydraulically Operated Control Panel

The control panel of this hydraulic press system is designed using state-of-the-art technology which enables easy operation by just simply pushing a button or two! There is no need to hire someone to operate your machine for you which saves time and money for both parties involved in the transaction! However, if there are any problems with the machine, there will be no need to worry because our customer service team will be there to help you out.

3. The Machine Is Safe To Use And Has A Low Maintenance Cost

This hydraulic press system comes with a safety guard which prevents heavy objects from falling on operators during operation. It also has an automatic shutdown feature which protects both people and machines from injury during an emergency situation. This machine also does not require complex maintenance procedures like other brands. The only thing that needs to be done occasionally is to clean up the dust from the control panel and make sure that there are no obstructions in moving parts.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press, also known as a hydraulic press machine or simple press, is a device for applying pressure to an object. Pressure is applied by a mobile hydraulic cylinder that is moved against a fixed jig around the object. The pressure is generated by a piston moving within the cylinder, which is then transmitted to the jig through hydraulic fluid in tubes or hoses.

The most common type of hydraulic press utilizes a cylinder and piston arrangement to generate force. The cylinder contains oil under pressure which is released through an opening in the top of the piston head. When pressure is applied to that opening, oil rushes into the cylinder and pushes against the top of the piston head, forcing it down onto whatever object has been placed under it.

The first use of hydraulics was demonstrated by Archimedes when he used his principle to lift an entire ship out of the water and crush it in order to defeat his enemies during a siege.

The piston (and thus the pressure) can be adjusted by changing the position of the jig in relation to the piston. This is achieved by using mechanical advantage systems such as lever arms and linkages, crankshafts and gears, or cam-follower systems.

Hydraulic presses are commonly used for pressing objects that cannot withstand mechanical forces such as riveting or bolting. They are also used in forming to change the shape of metal or other materials over large areas quickly and with force.


Guangduan with advanced guangduan hydraulic press systems is a professional hydraulic press manufacturer in China. Our hydraulic presses are widely used in the fields of mechanical, light industry, and electronics. We have various models and types of hydraulic press systems for you to choose from. We can also design and produce customized hydraulic presses according to your requirements.




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