New Process Controls Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses

What Are Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses?

Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses such as Four Column Double Action Hydraulic Press Machine YA28 Series are a type of blanking press that uses hydraulic cylinders, which have a piston rod, to move the ram up and down. A hydraulic cylinder is made up of two parts: the cylinder block (the main body) and the piston rod. The cylinder block is connected to the ram by means of an elbow joint or a swivel joint. Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses are used for blanking operations that require accurate positioning and high-precision cutting.

The main components of the hydraulic fine blanking press are:

1. Table Top: The table top is the working surface of the machine, where your workpiece is placed during the operation. The table top can be made from many different materials, such as steel or cast iron.

2. Ram / Heading Bar: This is a moving part that travels back and forth under the tabletop, pressing down on it to form your workpiece into shape. It may also be called a ram or heading bar depending on its intended use or manufacturer.

3. Hydraulic Power Unit: This unit provides fluid power for the ram and operates at high pressures (typically 3,000 psi). It consists of a pump, valves, and pressure tanks that store fluid until needed by the ram – at which point it pumps fluid out at high pressure into hoses going to each valve along with other hoses going to each cylinder inside each valve block along with hoses going.

There are different types of hydraulic fine blanking presses depending on their application and configuration.

Each type has its own advantages over others in terms of performance, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, etc. For example:

Manual Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses: Manual hydraulic fine blanking presses are operated manually by pressing a lever or button on the control panel to operate each step in the process. These machines can be used for light-duty applications such as stamping small parts with simple designs. The operator loads each tool into place before flipping switches on the control panel to activate each step in the process until completion.

Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses: Semi-automatic hydraulic fine blanking presses are semi-automated with some automation features. This type of machine is used for small volumes of production and low-cost tooling. It can be used to process different materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, and stainless steel. The hydraulic fine blanking press uses hydraulic cylinders to handle the blanking operation. The operator needs to manually move the lever and push it down to make a complete cycle.

Features Of Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses

A hydraulic fine blanking press is a hydraulic-driven tool dedicated to punching, blanking, and trimming thin-walled metal parts. The machine uses high-pressure hydraulic cylinders to apply force on the blanking punch. The press uses hydraulic pressure to form the metal into the desired shape. The hydraulic pressure is created by a fluid pump that is connected to the ram. The ram moves up and down in order to expand or compress the material being worked on. This process results in high precision and repeatability as well as high productivity.

Hydraulic fine blanking presses are available in both vertical and horizontal models. The vertical models are more common than their horizontal counterparts because they have a higher forming capacity than horizontal presses. Vertical presses also have a lower profile, which allows them to be used in areas where space is limited like on an assembly line or in an automated cell. Horizontal presses require more space because they cannot be installed above equipment or underneath other equipment like other machine tools or other types of equipment within a manufacturing cell like laser cutters, stampers, grinders, etc

The main features of the hydraulic fine blanking press are:

1) The main driving motor is installed on the lower frame, which ensures that there is no friction between the punching head and frame, thus ensuring smooth operation;

2) The mechanical structure of the machine is simple. It has fewer parts than other types of presses and has better accuracy, reliability, and stability;

3) The machine can be equipped with an automatic lubrication device and double-row timing belt drive system so that it can reduce the cost of labor;

4) It can be equipped with a micro-computer control system (optional), which allows you to adjust the operating parameters according to different materials or products.

5) According to the material used for pressing tools and clamping tools, there are steel pressing tools and alloy pressing tools (steel clamps), which have high strength and good toughness performance; aluminum alloy pressing tools have good heat dissipation performance. Titanium alloy pressing tools have excellent corrosion resistance performance; etc.

Advantages Of Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses

Hydraulic fine blanking presses are used for the production of small components that require a high degree of accuracy. These presses have been in use since the 1950s and are still widely used today because they have many advantages over other types of presses.

Hydraulic fine blanking presses

1. High Efficiency

Every cycle of the blanking press is completed in one stroke, which can save more than 50% of tooling costs. The demand for high-quality products has been increasing day by day, which requires that the parts be made with high precision and fine details. Therefore, a hydraulic fine blanking press is the best choice for you to process such parts.

2. Easy Operation

A hydraulic fine blanking press is easy to operate and convenient for maintenance. It can be operated by one person without any assistance, so it can save your labor cost greatly when compared to manual operations. Moreover, its maintenance also takes much less time than that manual operations.

3. High Productivity

As we all know, productivity is one of the most important factors affecting profits in production lines nowadays. A hydraulic fine blanking press can produce many parts within a short period of time because it needs only one stroke per cycle with no need for multiple strokes like other machines do which makes it more efficient than other machines in terms of productivity per minute which means that it will

4. Fewer Materials Used

Hydraulic fine blanking presses use less material when compared to other types of presses such as hydraulic or air-powered presses. This is because the workpiece is clamped between two dies instead of being placed directly onto the ram, like with an air-powered press. Also, since there is no need for mold lubrication, there is no need for additional lubricants either which further reduces material usage and equipment costs.

Applications Of Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses

Tips For Choosing Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses

Hydraulic Fine Blanking Presses are the main equipment for blanking and stamping. It can be used for blanking, stamping, and embossing in one set. Processing of aluminum and magnesium alloys, copper and its alloys, steel, stainless steel, and other metals with high hardness and strength requirements. Fine blanking is used to make high-precision parts with small dimensions. The process can be used to make components with a wide range of geometries, including flat sheet metal parts, round tubes, and rollers.


  • It can be used for blanking, stamping, and embossing in one set.
  • It can be used to produce high-precision products and small batch production of metal parts under high-speed production conditions.
  • It can be used to produce metal parts with complex structures, especially suitable for small batch production of metal parts with complex structures such as curve surfaces and irregular shapes.


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